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Mend-A-Wall is a Rand Walling Initiative that broadens our product and service range. Together, we provide our valued clients with specialist and cost-effective solutions to all pre-cast walling requirements. We offer wall extensions and plastering, as well as emergency wall repairs

Wall Extensions

We use an engineering approved and patented method. The conventional method for extending a pre-cast wall looks unsightly and can be hazardous. The design of the engineering approved extension sleeve that we utilise provides the safest and most aesthetically pleasing method of extending your wall.

Wall Plastering

We have decided to start officially marketing our new plastering service through our latest initiative, Mend-A Wall.

Mend-A-Wall, together with A.Shak, have developed an industrial strength bonding formula specifically created for pre cast walls. Traditional sand and cement mixes result in the plaster falling off but our bonding formula provides a solution to this problem as well as waterproofing the surface.

Wall Repairs

Most other pre-cast walling companies charge high minimum prices but Mend-A-Wall will repair your damaged wall at a fraction of the cost.